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Default Get Your Smashball Test Key Today!

Howdy howdy! In preparation for our June 11 release on Steam, we're giving out 100 private keys. Download the game ahead of time and join our Sunday afternoon playtest!

=== HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS??? ===

To get an early preview of our new weapons, new player models, and new arenas, just fill out the form at this link:

The first one hundred people to sign up will be sent a private key. When you enter the key into Steam, it will start downloading the game!

=== WHO CAN I PLAY WITH??? ===

Because we're only giving out 100 keys, there won't be a lot of players on the servers. We've got a scheduled playtest time every week:

Sunday, Noon, Pacific Time

If you join our Steam group, the Smashball Player's Union, you'll get notified before the playtest. Join the SBPU by visiting this link with your steam browser:


So when is Valve releasing its... uh... valves? They're working on testing right now, and if all goes well, we should be ready for download by June 11. We will continue to post updates as the date grows nearer.


Here's a teaser - some recent gameplay with new weapons and arena in action. Enjoy! You can also check our youtube channel for a number of full match videos.

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